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We provide a full range of thatching services from complete re-thatches to repairs and ridge-work on homes, barns, commercial buildings and new builds. Wheat straw, water reed and long straw work undertaken

I pride myself on a friendly, professional, high-quality service. Whether you are looking for help with minor repairs or have a large-scale project to consider, please get in touch for advice and a quote

Hay Barrels


Please find below a selection of some of our work

If you would like to take a look at some thatched roofs we have completed in your area, please get in touch and we should be able to provide you with some addresses nearby


Full re thatch in Surrey

Hayling Island

Barns and outbuildings at an equestrian centre, a job we undertook for a colleague master thatcher

Upper Clatford

Full re thatch in Hampshire


Clean and re ridge before and after

Melcombe Bingham

Cottages on the Melcombe Bingham estate


Some examples of ornamental block ridges

Neglected roofs

Examples of preliminary work undertaken before thatching commences, including lintel replacement and chimney repairs

Please contact us for more information on our work in your area. We have decades of experience working with all the regional styles and are likely to have worked on houses in your area



Pull and fill

Extending the life of a roof

Besides re-ridging, and patching, we also carry out overhauling (or pull and fill) on water reed roofs.
When a water reed roof is around 25 years old and the fixings are just below the surface or the thickness of the thatch has worn to around 8 or 9 inches, we can pull the thatch down, add more reed, redress and re-fix the thatch to its original thickness of around 14 to 15 inches. This overhaul can prolong the life of a roof by around 10 years and is a great option to extend the main body of a roof when it is re-ridged.


Our services

As skilled craftsmen with extensive experience, we guarantee that you will be delighted with both the standard of our work and the service we provide

No job is too large or too small so please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote

We are based in Cornwall and work all over the Southwest but please feel free to contact us if you have a project elsewhere :)

We source the highest quality materials from UK and European suppliers and use natural materials and traditional hazel spars for fixings where possible. This will give both the highest standard finish and the longest life to your roof.

We undertake large and small repairs and patches, re-ridging, extending life, extensions and other roof alterations, complete re-thatching both domestic and commercial, traditional thatch and new builds, plus repairs to timbers, chimneys, flashing, drainage and gutters as necessary.

We are happy to discuss your needs and give advice. Please feel free to email us or call for additional information on our services, for a quote, or to discuss your project further.


Tony Millard

Experienced Master Thatcher

I grew up in Hampshire and began thatching in 1987 with an apprenticeship to a firm who had been thatching for 5 generations. I trained in long straw as well as combed wheat straw and water reed and we won the Best Thatched House Award towards the end of my training. After time working in Asia, I returned to the UK and worked with numerous master thatchers throughout the southern counties, Lancashire and Yorkshire. I have also lived and worked as a thatcher in France and Spain.

After a spell working in partnership as Farrell and Millard Master Thatchers I am now happily based in Cornwall and have been thatching in the Southwest for the last 5 years. I have over 30 years experience in many styles of thatching, a wealth of decorative ridges and finishing, plus all the wood and masonry work associated with heritage roofing. I enjoy the creative aspects of the trade and am proud of my skill as a craftsman. I offer honest advice, a friendly and efficient service and the very highest standards of workmanship on every job.

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Anthony Millard Master Thatcher

Tony Millard

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